2015 – present

University of Michigan

  • Ph.D. Computer Science and Engineering

2015 – 2018

University of Michigan

  • M.S. in Computer Science

2012 – 2015

Rice University

  • B.A. in Computer Science


Peer-reviewed research papers

Matthew Bernhard, Jonathan Sharman, Claudia Ziegler Acemyan, Philip Kortum, Dan S. Wallach, and J. Alex Halderman
To appear in Proc. of CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Proceedings (CHI 2019), May 2019.

Kellie Ottoboni, Matthew Bernhard, J. Alex Halderman, Ron Rivest, and Philip Stark
Proc. 4th Workshop on Advances in Secure Electronic Voting (Voting ’19), February 2019

Allison McDonald, Matthew Bernhard, Benjamin VanderSloot, Will Scott, J. Alex Halderman, and Roya Ensafi
Proc. 18th ACM Internet Measurement Conference (IMC ’18), October 2018.

Walter R. Mebane, Jr. and Matthew Bernhard
Proc. of the 3rd Workshop on Advances in Secure Electronic Voting (Voting '18). Nieuwpoort, Curaçao. March 2, 2018.

Matthew Bernhard, Josh Benaloh, J. Alex Halderman, Ronald L. Rivest, Peter Y. A. Ryan, Philip B. Stark, Vanessa Teague, Poorvi L. Vora, Dan S. Wallach
Proc. of the Second Annual Joint Conference on Electronic Voting (E-Vote-ID '17). Bregenz, Austria. October 24 - 27, 2017.

Manos Antonakakis, Tim April, Michael Bailey, Matthew Bernhard, Elie Bursztein, Jaime Cochran, Zakir Durumeric, J. Alex Halderman, Luca Invernizzi, Michalis Kallitsis, Deepak Kumar, Chaz Lever,Zane Ma, Joshua Mason, Damian Menscher, Chad Seaman, Nick Sullivan, Kurt Thomas, Yi Zhou
Proc. of the 26th USENIX Security Symposium (USENIX Security '17). Vancouver, BC, Canada. August 16 - 18, 2017.

Matthew Bernhard, Gabe Stocco, and J. Alex Halderman
Proc. 14th Annual Conference on Privacy, Security, and Trust (PST ’16). Auckland, New Zealand. December 12 - 14, 2016

Benjamin VanderSloot, Johanna Amann, Matthew Bernhard, Zakir Durumeric, Michael Bailey, and J. Alex Halderman
Proc. 16th ACM Internet Measurement Conference (IMC ’16). Santa Monica, California. November 14 - 16, 2016.

Selected other publications

Walter R. Mebane, Jr. and Matthew Bernhard
The Washington Post Monkey Cage blog, June 6, 2017

Robert Cunningham, Matthew Bernhard, and J. Alex Halderman
IEEE Spectrum, November 3rd, 2016


Matthew Bernhard
Roadsec 2017, São Paulo, Brazil, November 11th, 2017
Roadsec Pro 2017, São Paulo, Brazil, November 10th, 2017
Electoral Technology Workshop, SBSeg 2017, Brasília, Brazil, November 6th, 2017

Matthew Bernhard and Kimball Brace
Election Verification Network Symposium 2017, Washington, D.C., March 15, 2017

Matthew Bernhard and J. Alex Halderman
33rd Chaos Communication Congress (33c3), Hamburg, Germany, December 28th, 2016

Media appearances


Fall 2018

EECS 498: Election Cybersecurity, University of Michigan

Graduate Student Instructor

  • Lectured, led discussion section, wrote course assignments, coordinated projects, graded, and provided course support.

Winter 2018

EECS 388: Introduction to Computer Security, University of Michigan

Graduate Student Instructor

  • Lectured, led discussion section, graded, and provided course support.

Fall 2014 – Spring 2018

Securing Digital Democracy, University of Michigan, Coursera

Course Operations Liaison

  • Gathered and managed course resources, responded to student questions, graded.

Spring 2015

COMP 322: Fundamentals of Parallel Programming, Rice University

Teaching Assistant

  • Shaped curriculum and led lab discussions for a introductory course on parallel programming featuring Java parallelism and Apache Spark

Fall 2014

COMP 215: Introduction to Program Design, Rice University

Teaching Assistant

  • Led lab discussions and wrote and reviewed assignments and exams for an introductory course on Java and Object Oriented Programming

Work Experience

June 2018 - present

Verified Voting

Data Science Consultant

  • Collected and organized voting technology information and specifications from vendor documentation, EAC certification, and other sources.



Technical Consultant

  • Provided technical consultation to the Jill Stein recount effort, and Curling v. Kemp legal team.

Summer 2017


Cryptography Intern

  • Developed Certificate Transparency monitoring features. Also built an SSL detector to determine what SSL settings customer sites can support.

Summer 2015

Microsoft Research

Research Intern

  • Explored applications of trusted platform modules (TPMs) in voting through interfaces provided by Windows 10

CV of failure

Taking after Johannes Haushofer, here are all the things I've failed at.

Degree programs I did not get into


Ph.D. in Computer Science, University of Wisconsin

Ph.D. in Computer Science, Stanford University

Ph.D. in Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University

Ph.D. in Computer Science, Princeton University

Ph.D. in Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


B.S. in Computer Science, University of Texas at Austin (ironically, they accepted me into Physics)


B.S. in Physics, Duke University

B.S. in Physics, Harvard University

B.S. in Physics, University of Texas at Austin (fortuitously, they accepted me into Computer Science)

Internships I did not get


Google Software Engineering Internship


Snapstream Summer Internship

EMC Corporation Summer Internship


Northwestern University Materials Research Science and Engineering Center REU

Awards and scholarships I did not get


MIT Election Data and Science Lab New Initiatives Grants in Election Science


NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Paper Rejections: 10

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